Inspire (November 2020)

Brandon Garland
3 min readNov 25, 2020


In•spire- fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

That’s the purpose of this short writing. This is an assortment of things that have encouraged, inspired and creatively stimulated me in the past month or so, aiming at adding some light and freshness to the landscape of dark and discouraging.

This is both one of the most engaging pieces of web design I’ve ever encountered and a fascinating long-form read about a multi-billion dollar industry that is exponentially expanding.

The Gold iPhone 12 Pro Max is the most impressive, inviting and engaging device I’ve ever used. The flat edges make for a completely different experience as a user. It is admittedly hard to put this thing down, precisely because of the way it feels as you use it. And, as is customary with Apple, the detail, from the ease of merely opening the box that the phone came in, all the way to the excellence that is palpable specifically on the gold sides, is second-to-none.

Every decision you see is proceeded by a million tiny decisions you couldn’t see. This is a masterful talk that is capped off with a memorable illustration and a heartfelt reminder that God knew every single thing about you and every single thing you’d do before He chose you, and He still chose you.

The UPS-FedEx series on the Business Wars podcast is a fascinating tale of the momentum of innovation and the advantage of sheer size. The final episode, which details Amazon’s foray into delivery, is especially interesting.

It’s an apartment building made of curved glass…. and look at the ‘three story communal area.’ Incredible, interesting design.

Voting for yourself in this fit in a random gym in Wyoming… that’s just a vibe.

I love everything about this. The products. The prices. The colors of each piece. The design itself- the layout, font selection, and especially the way alternate colors are identified.

I love this podcast. This specific episode hit on the intersection of faith, innovation, creativity, and ‘acceptable’ price points to buy and sell items at. I especially love one quote from this episode: “If Paul was under the scrutiny of American Christianity, he’d have to make really lousy tents and sell them at some kind of K-Mart level.”

Do any of these particularly resonate with you? Did you read, listen to, watch, or encounter something in the past few weeks that’s particularly inspired you? Drop it in the comments below- I’d love to be inspired from it, too.



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